Distract me from myself

Collapsing into a chair in the marina lounge I let out a dramatic sigh. I had two useless job interviews today. My part time boat work remains part time. The hustle continues into the evening, tonight. Uploading a resume and profile to online freelance networks. Haul out is scheduled and I have just enough money for the fees and one month in the yard. That doesn’t leave much left for epoxy, or a seacock, or cockpit drains, fittings for my rigging, or any number of things my boat requires to be made seaworthy.

Somehow I’ll get there, but I don’t know if I’ll ever achieve the height of adventure status as these two. I’ve been following Ellen & Seth’s blog, Gone Float About, since my time sailing in the Pacific Northwest. They circumnavigated in their early twenties onboard an ancient wooden boat under 30 feet. They had no offshore experience, and little knowledge of how to restore said artifact. But they did it!

Now, they are Arctic voyagers, nature photographers, published writers, academics…

I don’t aspire to earn a Ph.D., circumnavigate, or ever go to the Arctic Circle, (although I do have a 40 oz thermos given to me by a couple of Northwest Passage makers) but their level of seamanship, teamwork, and how well they steward their vessel is of great inspiration.

I don’t regularly follow many sailing blogs or youtube channels, although I’ve been trying to collaborate more with other sailing media folks out there recently, I’ve probably been most loyal to Ellen and Seth. Partially that’s because their posts are infrequent (Ellen mostly writes paid articles for sailing publications) and because their work is different than most sailing blogs and vlogs out there.

Their most recent post, however, happened to reach me at just the right time. As I was sighing in self pity hoping for something to distract me from myself their video sailed into my inbox, complete with classical music and all.